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Sichuan foreign trade group Chengdu import and export limited company was founded under the direct leadership of the group company in April 2002. Its registered capital is 5 million yuan, which has been authorized by the Ministry of foreign trade and approved by the Ministry of foreign trade. The business scope is the import and export business of all commodities. The representative and chairman of the company, Mr. Wang Jiaqiang, is now the director of the Sichuan foreign trade group and also as the legal person and chairman of the Sichuan Minmetals Import and Export Corporation.

Since its establishment, the company has been appraised as a key export enterprise by Chengdu Business Bureau and Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone for many years. It has been listed as one of the 30 key export enterprises in Chengdu by Chengdu municipal government. At the same time, the company has been rated as a credit AA enterprise by the Construction Bank.

Our company is a comprehensive foreign trade import and export company. Besides its own import and export business, it also runs domestic trade, and provides foreign trade agency services for enterprises and institutions in various industries. The main products are the import and export of mechanical and electrical, chemical and pharmaceutical products, light industry products. The company has a group of professional foreign trade workers who have been engaged in import and export business for a long time. They can provide customers with a package solution for freight import, customs clearance, commodity inspection and tax payment. We have imported science and education instruments and equipment for the Research Institute, and have accumulated a lot of experience and performance in this respect.

四川省外贸集团成都进出口有限责任公司Sichuan Foreign Trade Group Chengdu I/E Co., Ltd.


Tel: 0086-28-85482281/333
Address: C1/7F, Diamond Building, No.36, East LinJiang Road, Chengdu, China

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